A complete picture, of your product, throughout the supply chain - to the patient.

Missing data, human error, unexpected weather, custom delays, long QA excursion times, and the list goes on. Temperature controlled global supply chains present significant challenges to logistics and QA practitioners. 

Start Simple. Grow as needed

Pre-configured data loggers or smart indicators, with safe and simple processes at sending sites... gets you started easily.

The liberoMANAGER database is a scalable solution out of the box. "Archive" keeps you audit-ready up to 500 reports/year. "Unlimited" adds smart workflows, automated notifications and even integration with your ERP for seamless operations.

Data with Answers.

Turning your temperature data into actionable decisions on how to improve supply chain performance can reap substantial rewards.

Storing data in a central database not only ensures compliance but provides incredible insights to performance improvements in each lane, partner, depot and packaging choice.

Watch the LIBERO Cloud video below for more information.

Every step along the way...

Production facilities, trucks, fleets, boxes, warehouses, clinical sites to the patient. 

ELPRO monitors along the entire supply chain of medicines. Offering market leading in-storage and in-transit monitoring hardware, software and GxP Services. If you have to map or qualify it, we do it.

Learn more about ELPRO's GxP mapping and qualification services.

Quality Assurance Control

Did you just come out of an audit and didn't have all the answers? 

Wading through spreadsheets and boxes of used monitors to find your data is time consuming and frustrating. Finding the right data to prove shipment was in specification is key. In a heavily regulated GDP market, trusting the technology to safely archive and process your data is critical.

ELPRO goes to great lengths to test and validate devices and software to ensure your compliance, ease of use and complete reliability.

Finally a true last mile solution!

Gain control of your global supply chain end to end, all the way through those precious last miles.

LIBERO ITS is a unit-level long-term indicator thin and durable to make it from point of manufacture, to a patient's refrigerator, or on a clinical kit to patient administration. Smart enough to record deviations, create reports and manage individual stability budgets.

The free Smartphone app is a great convenience tool for any receiving site, clinic, or pharmacist. It provides one-touch stability budget read-out showing percentage of budget used; alleviating piecing together different Time out of Refrigeration (TOR) segments.

Easy last mile intelligence.