Az első GxP-kompatibilis, IoT hőmérséklet monitoring megoldás


ELPRO has announced the launch of ELPRO Cloud, the first GxP-compliant temperature data monitoring solution designed for self-service across the entire product life cycle. The new wireless, IoT (Internet of Things) system is the latest addition to ELPRO's full line of industry-leading environmental data monitoring hardware and software solutions.

"Our new ELPRO Cloud product is a scalable, affordable, self-service monitoring solution for rooms and equipment in the pharmaceutical, biotech, life science and healthcare industries-backed by our experience of more than thirty years in the industry," says Martin Peter, ELPRO head of strategy and marketing.

"The system can be purchased online, installed, and self-validated entirely by the customer. ELPRO Cloud has tremendous capacity to offer pharmacies, university research labs, clinical labs and clinical sites reliable, affordable, remote access to their cirtical data in the Cloud utilizing IoT processes," - Peter explained.

The ELPRO Cloud solution includes the following features and benefits:

  • Cloud SaaS Platform: No dedicated system server is required; global IoT access to your data anytime, anywhere−requires no IT involvement
  • GAMP 5 Validation: 100% GxP compliancy with a full audit trail
  • Data Redundancy/Buffering: Eliminates gaps in reporting so you never miss a data point
  • Sensor Analytics and Reporting: Includes PDF file export; easy access to all your data
  • Scalable System Configuration: Easily add measuring points as operations expand
  • Remote Alarming: Immediate notification of issues for faster response
  • Deviation Reporting: Fast acknowledgement and responsible handling of critical issues
  • Easy Data Management: Via Smartphone

"One of the best features of ELPRO Cloud is how easy the system can scale up to meet demand," Peter notes.

As operations expand and refrigerators, freezers and other equipment are added, additional monitoring points will be required. Wireless sensors can easily be added to the system to accommodate those needs.

As with all ELPRO monitoring systems, the new ELPRO Cloud is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant and fully NIST traceable.

Robust Online Support

In addition, ELPRO Cloud users have free, self-service access to the ELPRO.Cloud website that offers numerous online knowledge guides and self-help support materials. "We have provided a user-friendly and intuitive place for customers to chat with our temperature monitoring experts to get the answers they need at their convenience," Peter adds.

The new ELPRO Cloud system is a time-saving, reliable, upgrade alternative for current ELPRO ECOLOG Tx users, and any site utilizing min/max thermometors requiring handwritten logs; digital thermometors; or other traditional electronic data loggers that require manual data download. The ELPRO Cloud system automatically collects temperature data points and sends the information securely to the Cloud. It will alert users if alarm parameters have been breeched, and automatically create deviation reports for review.