4..20 mA Transmitter


Differential pressure transmitter -20 Pa..+80 Pa, 4..20mA output Type DE23 without display Pressure connection: Aluminium screw connection for 8/6 mm hose 24 V DC, M12 plug connection, Assembly of the mounting rails


Temperature/Humidity Transmitter EE210 for wall mounting, range 0..100%RH, -40..60°C, output 4..20mA, with snap-in plate and Manufacturer's calibration certificate at 0°C, 40°C and 35%, 80% at 23°C


Transmitter PT100 4-wire to 4..20mA with connector/socket M12, range programmable -200°C..+200°C, environment temperature -40°C..+80°C with mounting clip. Standard programming: -40..+60°C


CO2 transmitter GMP251 with connector M12 / 5-pole, measuring range 0 .. 20%, IP65, with standard filter, output 4..20mA, operating voltage range 20..30VDC, temperature set point 37 ° C, nominal pressure 1013hPa, without cable


Temperature/Humidity Transmitter in plastic housing blue/gray IP54, 24VAC/DC, outputs 4x analogue 4..20mA, operating range 0..100%RH, -20.. +80°C